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In the mid-sixties the wish of the transportation companies to automate washing car pools became stronger for cleaning more economical and faster instead of cleaning the vehicles by hand.

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The idea was seized by the company Rapp & Siewert, Illingen Württemberg. Mr. Kurt Rückl, working in the construction of Rapp & Siewert, was charged with the development of wash systems, the product ROTOBUS accrued.

In the year 1968 the first half-automatic brush wash system for cleaning trucks and omnibuses was presented.

By the progress in electronic control technology in the mid-seventies, the first all automatic 3- brush wash system was allocated to the customer. Because of this it was possible for the first time to clean the complete car pool from car through to articulated truck without manual interventions by personal.

The company Rapp & Siewert was accompanied constructive and sales-related by Mr. Rückl until 1984. In consequence of social changes of the company Rapp & Siewert Mr. Rückl decided to break off with his employer and to start with his own production of wash systems and water treatments under the name ROTOMAT.

By inclusion of the sons Christoph Rückl, 1984, and Stefan Rückl, 1989, it was possible for the company Kurt Rückl to offer complete installation engineering from machine engineering through to electronic control technology from one source and to offer the customer a solution for each problem.

Since 2005 the concern was newly founded by CSR Maschinenbau GmbH, owners Christoph and Stefan Rückl, and continued with the same name of product.